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It’s been a VERY bust week!!  Between working over at Lilyshop, celebrating my daughter’s 5th birthday a little early and all my orders it’s been a little crazy.  I have some new designs up this week so take a look and enjoy!  You can email me at to place orders.

PIllowcase dress and matching bib

ice cream tee

elephant tee

sherif badge initial tee

baseball hat and bib

Stacey on The Hallmark Channel

839148Stacey shows host Cristina Ferrare how to make dresses out of pillow cases.

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Now taking orders!

I’m now taking orders for custom shirts, tanks, onesies and bibs!  I’ll be adding photos of new designs this week.  Feel free to email me at if you have a design you would like and for ordering information!










Easy Pillowcase Dresses

When I first got my sewing machine I wanted to find something super easy and super cute to make.  I had remembered seeing dresses made out of pillowcases and since I hadn’t bought any fabric yet these were perfect!  My girls love wearing them in the summer.  They’re nice and light weight (since it gets to be about a million degrees in Los Angeles) and really comfy!  So if weather you’re an expert at sewing or just beginning, anyone can make these.


One Pillow Case

Sewing machine or serger recommended but you can also use a needle and thread

About 2 yards of ribbon cut into 2 pieces

Arm hole template that can be downloaded by clicking on the link below

Pillowcase dress


You’re going to start by taking your pillowcase and folding it in half length wise and cut off the sewn edge.  You want to leave as much length for as long as you want your dress to be.  You can use the following measurements as a guide.

6 months – 14 1/2 inches

12 months – 16 1/2 inches

18 months – 17 1/2 inches

2t – 18 1/2 inches

3t – 19 1/2 inches

4t – 20 1/2 inches


Next you are going to cut the arm holes.  You can download and print out the template that I have above.  With the fabric folded in half, pin the cut out to the side with the lose edges and cut out the arm holes.


When you open it up it should look like this


Next you want to hem the arm holes so the edges don’t fray.  If you have a serger you can serge the raw edge, then fold it over once and sew the hem.  If you don’t, you’re going to want to fold the fabric over twice then sew along the fold.  I use an iron to help keep the fold even.


Next you’re going to create a casing along the front and back of the dress for the ribbon straps to go through.  First fold over the edge about 1/4″ and then another 5/8″ and stitch along the bottom of the fold.


And for the last step!!  Take the ribbon and thread it through the casing with a large safety pin on both the front and back and tie the ends into bows.


And there you have it, a SUPER easy pillowcase dress!!

Featured Item of the week!

Here’s our featured Item this week!!   The mustache onesie!  The mustache can actually be added to added to a shirt or bib as well.  You can email me at for ordering information.