New to the shop this week!

It’s been a VERY bust week!!  Between working over at Lilyshop, celebrating my daughter’s 5th birthday a little early and all my orders it’s been a little crazy.  I have some new designs up this week so take a look and enjoy!  You can email me at to place orders.

PIllowcase dress and matching bib

ice cream tee

elephant tee

sherif badge initial tee

baseball hat and bib

Now taking orders!

I’m now taking orders for custom shirts, tanks, onesies and bibs!  I’ll be adding photos of new designs this week.  Feel free to email me at if you have a design you would like and for ordering information!










Easy Pillowcase Dresses

When I first got my sewing machine I wanted to find something super easy and super cute to make.  I had remembered seeing dresses made out of pillowcases and since I hadn’t bought any fabric yet these were perfect!  My girls love wearing them in the summer.  They’re nice and light weight (since it gets to be about a million degrees in Los Angeles) and really comfy!  So if weather you’re an expert at sewing or just beginning, anyone can make these.


One Pillow Case

Sewing machine or serger recommended but you can also use a needle and thread

About 2 yards of ribbon cut into 2 pieces

Arm hole template that can be downloaded by clicking on the link below

Pillowcase dress


You’re going to start by taking your pillowcase and folding it in half length wise and cut off the sewn edge.  You want to leave as much length for as long as you want your dress to be.  You can use the following measurements as a guide.

6 months – 14 1/2 inches

12 months – 16 1/2 inches

18 months – 17 1/2 inches

2t – 18 1/2 inches

3t – 19 1/2 inches

4t – 20 1/2 inches


Next you are going to cut the arm holes.  You can download and print out the template that I have above.  With the fabric folded in half, pin the cut out to the side with the lose edges and cut out the arm holes.


When you open it up it should look like this


Next you want to hem the arm holes so the edges don’t fray.  If you have a serger you can serge the raw edge, then fold it over once and sew the hem.  If you don’t, you’re going to want to fold the fabric over twice then sew along the fold.  I use an iron to help keep the fold even.


Next you’re going to create a casing along the front and back of the dress for the ribbon straps to go through.  First fold over the edge about 1/4″ and then another 5/8″ and stitch along the bottom of the fold.


And for the last step!!  Take the ribbon and thread it through the casing with a large safety pin on both the front and back and tie the ends into bows.


And there you have it, a SUPER easy pillowcase dress!!

Featured Item of the week!

Here’s our featured Item this week!!   The mustache onesie!  The mustache can actually be added to added to a shirt or bib as well.  You can email me at for ordering information.


I “mustache” you a question

So Everything I usually make Is for girls and all my friends with boys keep asking when i’m going to do something for boys.  To be honest, boy stuff is SO much harder to do!  I swear you can slap a ribbon, bow or ruffle on anything and it’s cute.  So finally i’m going to be adding some boyish stuff to my shop!!  I LOVE the mustaches.  I think they’re super super cute!  So for my first boy item added to my shop I present the mustache onesie!!  You can click on the link below for purchase information.



7 Ice Cream Soda Ideas

Today’s post is a hand crafted guest blog post for Lilyshop

Happy National Ice Cream Soda Day!

When I was little my dad used to take rainbow sherbet and mix it with Sprite. It was one of our favorite summer treats!  We even had these super cute cups that were shaped like ice cream cones. He always called it his special ice cream soda. I was telling Jessie about the Sherbet float last week when she told me it was National Ice Cream Soda day. She asked me to guest post so it wasn’t until I sat down to write this blog post that I realized there was actually a difference between Ice cream soda and an Ice cream float!  I’m sure you’re thinking …. what on earth is the difference, right?  Well, I’ll tell you!  To make a float you use a flavored soda like Root Beer, Coke or Sprite and add scoops of ice cream that will “float” in the soda.  With an ice cream soda you usually use soda water and add ice cream and different flavored syrups to it.  With some ice cream sodas you can even add milk or cream.  Yep, so all these years it turns out my Dad’s “special soda” was actually a float! Either way, it was amazing and now it’s my girls’ favorites as well.

OK, so in honor of National Ice Cream Soda Day Jessie and I decided to add an adult twist to the traditional Ice Cream Float …. and I know technically it’s Ice Cream Soda day, but this was too good to resist and since I had no clue there was a difference until yesterday let’s just all go with it.  Enjoy!


Dad’s Beer Float
From Lilyshop

3-4 scoops of vanilla ice cream
1 bottle of Guinness beer

1. Scoop ice cream into chilled mug
2. Slowly pour Guinness beer over the top and enjoy!


Now, if you want to try an ice cream soda or float that’s a little different that the traditional root beer/soda water and ice cream, here are a few of my favorites! I know not everyone is going to like this one, but my dad is a HUGE fan of rhubarb.  When he was little his mom made him a rhubarb pie for every birthday.  So this one is in honor of him!

Cherry Rhubarb Ice Cream Soda
From The Cozy Herbivore

8551518306_b29eb6ef27_oBlueberry Maple Ice Cream Soda

From Hungry Girl Por Vida

gingerbread-ice-cream-floatsGingerbread Ice Cream Float

From Love & Olive Oil

flipper-float-8527Orange Juice Ice Cream Float

From 1 Big Bite

float10This next one is AH-MAZING!  The name just says it all …

Apple Pie Ice Cream Float

From Mind Over Batter


Now I know this one isn’t technically a ice cream soda or a float but who wouldn’t LOVE this?

Ice Cream Soda Cupcakes
From Raspberri Cupcakes

Simple and cute teacher gift!

My baby girls 1st year of pre-k has come to an end!  I honestly can’t believe how fast this year has come and gone.  She’s learned so much and made so many great memories.  Our class all got together and did a group gift for the teachers, but I wanted to give them each a little something from us as well!  I had a crazy week so I had to throw it together at the last minute so this is something that really really simple anyone can do!




-Ceramic pot

-Flower or plant of your choice


-Hot glue/glue gun

-paint, pens and markers



1. Buy a plain pot and plant your favorite flower/plant in it

2. Hot glue ribbon around the top

3. Decorate the pot with paint

I chose a Gerber Daisy because they’re our favorite flower.  They just look so happy, don’t you think??  I added a little tag on ours that said “thank you for helping me grow” which the teachers LOVED!  I would have loved to put Emma’s hand print on the pot but she wasn’t home but that would look super cute and be a really nice memory for their teachers!  You can really get creative with this and have your little one decorate the pot, add glitter, rhinestones, whatever you want!

Carter’s recall!!!

The CPSC  Has just issued a recall on over 200,000 one-piece, footed cotton clothing for infants due to a chocking hazard.  While there have been no reported injuries, please check all your pajamas to see if any of them are effected by the recall.

Recall Details


About 218,000


This recall involves eight styles of one-piece, footed cotton clothing for infants made by Carter’s.  They have a zipper from the foot to the neck and were sold in sizes newborn, 3, 6 and 9 months. Baby B’gosh®, Child of Mine® made by Carter’s or Just One You® made by Carter’s is printed on the fabric inside the neck area. The style number is printed on a side seam label.

Brand              Style Number Description
Baby B’gosh 414-208 Yellow with white quarter moons and gray and white stars print.
Child of Mine 715-839 Baseball-style, white with blue stripes, yellow accents and  “Little Brother” printed on the chest.
Just One You 520-242 White background with navy stripes and green neck  binding. Sold as a 2-pack with:
597B537 Light blue with a nautical and green crabs print and “Captain Cutie” on the left chest.
520-243 White with a pink cupcake print. Sold as 2-pack with:
597B538 Pink with small polka dots and a bunny ballerina on the left chest.
520-244 White with green stripes and an elephant and duck on the left chest. Sold as 2-pack with:
597B539 White with a gray elephant, gray bear, green frog and yellow duck print.

None reported


Consumers should immediately take the recalled clothing away from infants and return it to Carter’s for a full refund.

Sold at

OshKosh B’gosh, Walmart and Target nationwide from December 2012 through January 2013 for between $7 and $20.  Baby B’gosh sleepwear was also sold online at  

For more information please visit

Here are a few examples of the effected pajamas:

715-839 - GarmentLARGE414-208 - GarmentLARGE520-243 and 597B538 - GarmentLARGE





Having a crafty kind if night!

So I’m obsessed with my sewing machines….once I start I can’t stop! A friend of mine had a brand new machine she got as a gift and never touched and asked if unwanted it in exchange for some burp cloths. Of coarse I said yes!!! This machine is SO much better than mine!! I love mine and its sewn some amazing things for me but this new one makes mine look a dinosaur! It has so many fancy stitches and its all digital. I’m going to get into some serious trouble crafting with this thing!!

I spent my whole evening playing with it and getting it all set up. I made my friend her burp cloths she wanted and love how they turned out!! I’m thinking I’m going to put them in my shop, what do you think??


Let’s color some eggs!

Now that we’ve blown our our eggs we have to color them!! Once again, we teamed up with Lilyshop (can you tell how much we LOVE them?!?) and came up with some fun and different ways to color your eggs. The days of using boring colored tablets are over ;) I was having a little trouble getting the rubber bands on the egg (which was cut out of the video) so I would recommend using some that are a little bit smaller so they’ll stay nice and tight on the eggs.